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Lessons To Learn From Tolulope Arotile's Death

What a tragedy for Tolulope's family!

There is a saying that wonder shall never end and saying have been playing day and night, especially in our country, "Nigeria". The death of Tolulope have been planting fear into most people's heart in the country, especially the parents. Bad friend or let me say some friends have used their carelessness to spoil some good and trust worthy friend in our own contemporary time, ( especially those that we have seen for years ) sometime we look so eiger to meet q long time friend, but i think if we should all look up to that, we might end up in the negative side of it because we don't no what they are up to, what they have become.

I believe that most of you might have come across this news but if you haven't, let me briefly bring it to you.

Tolu left home after she received a call from a senior officer who asked her to come to the Air Force Base which she was reluctant to go.

After an hour, when Tolu left home to attend to the call of her senior officer, her death was pronounced by a freak accident caused by her secondary schoolmate which resulted to a blunt force trauma and too much of bleeding.

A brief explanation on how she was killed :

* On the 14 of July 2020 at about 10:55 in the morning, Tolu receive a phone call from her senior officer which they both complete their promotion exams, a colleague officer, Perry Karina, to discuss about their deployment.

* At 10:58 she was brought to base to charge her phone inside pilot's Quarters in a Squadron Leader Alfa Ekele.

* At about 4pm she was brought to mammy market where she will be able to do her photocopies and limitations of her documents.

* At about 4:30pm on her way home, she meet three of her former classmates in Air Force Secondary school (now Air Force Comprehensive School) Kaduna ', Mr Nehemiah Adejoh, Mr Igbekele Folorunsho and Mr Festus Gbayegun, which they drive pass Tolu

* Adejoh who drives the car, reverse to greet Tolu but instead she was hit unaware, she hit her head on the pavement and the vehicle climbed some part of her body.

In addition:

It was reported that her three formar classmates are now in detention.

Here are some lessons all Nigerians should learn from Those friends that killed Tolulope Arotile :

If You Didn't Have a Drivers License Please Don't Drive : it is high time for the "FRSC", Federal Road Safety Commission to take action against this kind of carelessness drivers, which has become voke in our country every day and night. For those that are eiger to drive a car especially the youths of nowadays, please let us be patient and wait for our time, when we are qualified to drive a car.

No Matter How Important a Call Maybe, Let Give It a Second Thought, Let's Applie Wisdom :

I know that when some of us received a call a that we have been expecting for a long time, we always art to it as fast as possible.

For those that are driving without drivers license, these should be a lesson for you.

Here Is A Lesson I learned From Tolulope:

As a child, Tolulope Arotile fulfill the promise she made to her father and her ambition to become the first ever female combat helicopter pilot desperty the fact that her life was cut short.

These are the few lessons, and I think we should all learn from this incident. I pray that God will continue to keep us from sudden death. Amen

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Content created and supplied by: Opeyemiade (via Opera News )

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