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"Who Counted The Bees Abeg"- See What These Swarm Of Bees Did To This Car That Got People Talking.

Bees according to dictionary are flying insects of the order "Hymenoptera", known for their organised societies, for collecting pollen, and producing wax and honey. Before we proceed I will like to explain what a swarm of bees is. A swarm of bees is the plural term for describing a group of bees, it can also be said to be a natural behavior that honey bees colonies use for reproduction. A swarm can also occurs when a colony splits as the old queen is replaced, which usually happens due to lack of space in a bee hive. According to report bees tends to do anything in order to protect the queen bee. Such is the case of a post on facebook today, as guy name "Prudent Badmus" posted a picture of swarm of bees flying around a car, in which the queen bee was trapped inside the car. Prudent Badmus posted the picture with a write up "Swarm of over 20,000 bees chased a car for 24 hours because the queen bee was trapped inside", in a group called "Yorochitv".

See the post below:

See the picture below:

These pictures generated a lot of comments from people, a guy name "Fortune Mbonu" wrote "who counted the bees abeg", another guy name "Sunday Erakpotobor" wrote "I doubt if bees can fly at 100km/h".

See other comments below:

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