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Road Accident

What killed Nigeria's first female combat helicopter pilot Tolutope Aritotile and how to avoid it.

Tolutope Aritotile was a valuable asset to the nation as a whole, she actively participated in the fight against insurgency and banditry in the north central states, manning several combat missions, air attacks in a bid to secure lives and property. She broke the 55 years jinx when she was decorated on 15th of October, 2019 as a combat helicopter pilot in the Nigerian Air Force.

Tolutope Aritotile died on the 14th of July, 2020 from head injuries sustained from a road accident. Although the cause of the accident is not widely known, there are measures you can take to prevent to the bearest minimum the chances of road accidents and the casualties that follows it.

Relevant agencies like the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC) and the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) have been put in place to ensure that only road worthy vehicles ply the roads. There are some precautions and tips that when followed the rate of car accidents will be greatly diminished. They include :

Carry the essentials: Things like fire extinguishers, seat belts, helmets should be present in vehicles as they apply. The presence of these and more is a risk, sunce the future is not predictable it is better to be prepared.

Vehicle Maintenance :Every vehicle should be routinely checked and serviced. Before usage things like tyres, car radiators, fuel, brakes and the likes shiuld be checked before using the road, if a vehicle is using the road without this, the vehicle should not be boarded by a commuter.

Avoid Overspeeding: This point cannot be overemphasized, overspeeding has caused alot of people their lives, it is to check this that some roads have speed bumps. It is said that speed is a 5- lettered word and so is death while slow and life are both 4- lettered words, slow and steady not only wins the race but survives it.

Do not drink or eat and drive: Apart from alcohol, food or any other consummables should not be taken when driving, this is dangerous and will most likely increase the chances for an accident, therefore they should be avoided.

Distractions should be avoided: The road demands your complete and total attention, making calls, watching movies or listening to loud music are highly warned against.

Learners should follow due processes: A learners permit and a driving license should be gotten before the person is allowed to drive a car and the same applies to other vehicles.

Obey traffic signs: Traffic signs are meant to give a road user a mental idea of the road and it's vehicular flow. Although traffic lights may not be functional in some places, in places where they are present they should be obeyed. Traffic signs do not only prevent road accidents, they also prevent unnecessary traffic jams.

Conclusively, relevant bodies should perform their duties to make our roads safer, commuters should not board any vehicle that compromises any of the above tips. The road has caused the death of many, do not be another casualty.

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