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The girl we helped tried to kill my wife. True life story (part 2)

…………………(contuination) I and my friend had to discharge the load from the taxi into our car for a returned journey to warri, my car on the road developed fault as we left the premises, and stopped at I.C.E road in benin town in front of a church, so we parked in and called a mechanic to check the car which took up to 4.30 pm to put it right. The voice was still telling me it is not over yet, at this point I have told my wife what the LORD said to me. We were not strong as church goers, once a while we will go to church, we atttended C.A.C then, headed by Pastor Dada of NNPC. She did not take it as anything- after repairs it was about 5.00pm. as I started the car, the car exploded, and fire engulfed it, and we tried to resque the loads that was in the car out, as the car was on fire,people came to help in putting off the fire. that evening, the voice now left me, saying the battle is over.

My wife started crying, our car, how are we going to manage our life without a car, how can I go to work, I tried to tell her it was her who was to die, the car has taken her place. So rejoice, she said rejoice forwhat, she did not believe, she continued to cry, the LORD said to me, I will give you another car, so I quickly told her that the LORD said he will give us another car. Please be happy, she simply said when, and I said as soon as we get back to warri, the LORD will give us another car. We had to sleep in Benin till the next day in my sister's house.My friend got burnt on his leg, he left Benin for warri that night. The next day was sanitation, it was after 10.00am I and my wife went to see the burnt car, full of sand that the people around used to helpin putting off the fire. What I saw will shock you-The car was not burnt as we thought, it was covered with soot , I checked the Tyres, it was not burnt, the engine was not burnt, but the petrol hose that linked the carbrator was pluged out and petrol was just droping from it. At this descovery I began to shever and afraid, I entered and started the car, and it started, my wife and I drove off and came back to warri, with the burnt car and we got home. , The car from that day did not start again, we called the mechanic to see if they can start it, but to no vail-it’s dead, a spiriual death.The death that was for my wife. we sold the car and the buyer couldn’t use it, then God said to me, it was this girl we helped she is a great witch she went to the witches, in Agbharo, as she is one of them, to request that my wife should, die, then she can be my wife.

God gave us a new mecedes 200 after a month. N.N.P. C. Gave us a good contract.

The relationships came to an and. I still help people where I can, because God fights our battle still. Give him a chance to care for you and your family. Trust God, he still speaks to us every day and every time.

Thanks for reading………..

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Content created and supplied by: O.Emesiri (via Opera News )

C.A.C I.C.E LORD NNPC Pastor Dada


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