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18years boy who built his own private car from scrubs

This is Kelvin odartei a young boy of 18years BECE graduate from cosmos international school who built his own private car from scrubs all by his self

This is the car he actually drove to school to write all his exams and the car actually moves perfectly fine he did this during the holidays while others where fighting the Corona virus this young man was busy building his own private car for him self

For the past years we have seen so many creative works like this but this is exepctional the young boy single handly built his own portable private car this

Kelvin Odartei drove the car to school in a grand style, proving that his creativity was not just a toy

His great intelligence made him famous he later stated that if with the help of the government he can further his studies according to reports more news about kelvins private car are yet to come

Based on my opinion the boy is a very intelligent boy

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Kelvin Odartei


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