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What Mothers and Fathers Should Teach Girl Children about Tolulope Arotile, Nigerian Flying Officer

—By Eze, Izuchukwu Ochenwari

History Lies Here... Dear Mothers... Dear Fathers... tell your children about Tolulope Arotile... Tell them she made history... Tell your daughters about Arotile... Help them unlearn norms that have wasted their talents by restricting our intelligent and smart female children only to their husbands kitchen. Always tell your daughters – they can be mothers and still build their careers. Tell your children that a woman can be loving and caring mother and still reach the zenith of her career.

(Lt. Flying Officer, Tolulope Arotile)

Tell them that a society that sees women as mere commodities to be sold to marriage and left to waste their God given potentialities utilises only 50 per cent of its human capital. Tell your male and female children that the difference in inform they see in Ada and Ade does not suggest weakness nor less in intelligibility. Rather, it nature's attempt to maintain compatibility and complimentary roles. 

Death of Arotile: There is already some fallacious statements motivated by some gender biased individuals who are of the opinion that Tolulope Arotile wouldn't have died had she remained in her mother's house, got married off to a decent gentleman and become a mother. Being a mother is not bad. Marriage is good because it enhances, fosters and ensures continuity of life. Nature has already charged both man and woman to reproduce.

But, don't teach your girl children that Tolulope Arotile died because she refused to remain in the kitchen according to most African norms. Always teach your children that Nigeria's first female pilot, Lt Ms Arotile was born in 1995 and her life was cut short in a ghastly accident that happened in 2020. Re-emphasise that Ms Arotile died at age 25, an age when, like some young persons like her, she was still single. Her becoming a pilot couldn't had stopped her from being a wife and mother to children, if she had found love like every other human being.

Tell your female children that being a girl child is not a curse that forbids female humans from pursuing their dreams and building their careers in the same manner that male humans are already conditioned to by society.

Always remind your children that Arotile died as a hero like a gallant soldier would defending her fatherland, Nigeria.

Top Nigerian Leaders Mourn Arotile: In a viral video of Arotile, she said she joined the military simply for the passion she had for it. Below are words of top Nigerian Leaders on the 25 years old Arotile whom some claimed was 22, others said 24.

Akinwumi A. Adesina's tweet reads: "I am so sad that Tolulope Arotile, Nigeria's first female combat helicopter pilot died at the age of 24 years. You were bold, brave, and patriotic. You defended the nation and inspired national pride..."

Senator Shehu Sani's said: "it's sad that few minutes after I passed the Air Force base Kaduna, a tragic accident happened which took away the life of one of Nigeria's finest and first female combat helicopter pilot, Tolulope Arotile. A great loss our country".

Atiku Abubakar, former PDP 2019 presidential candidate wrote: "Tolulope Arotile was an inspiration. She shattered the ceiling and will always be our number 1. May she rest in the bosom of the Lord. And may the Almighty God grant the Arotile family and all her loved ones the comfort to bear this loss".

Nigerian First Lady, Aisha M. Buhari said, "it's with a heavy heart that I received the demise of the flying officer Tolulope Arotile, the first female Nigeria female combat Helicopter pilot. I condole with the family of Flying Officer Arotile, the Nigerian AirForce...".Air Marshal Abubakar said he was "heartbroken when I received the sad news of the death of the Flying officer Tolulope Arotile yesterday in Kaduna". He added, "Tolulope, who was winged in October 2019, as the first female Nigeria Airforce combat helicopter pilot, was one of our shinning young stars".

Nigerian Air Force mourned Arotile too:

To all my fellow youths, the world has suffered a lot observing stereotypes that always lead us to ruins and great setback, most times. Each time, we see fellow human being from the lens of stereotype, we lose. We utilise less of the human resources in our surroundings. Nigeria and world at large can heal itself of injuries cost by stereotypes already and move for a more economic, political and social balanced systems that make development and peace possible.

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Content created and supplied by: Ochenwari (via Opera News )

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