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May we not lose our child prematurely, here is what Arotile's father has to say about her death

May none of us lose our child to the cold hands of death at an early age in Jesus name. The tragic death of Miss Arotile's Tolulope has hit the country hard, and the people who seem to feel the worst hit of this tragic wave are her parents. Late Arotile Tolulope was the first female combat helicopter pilot of the Nigerian Airforce.

She was mistakenly killed when a friend of hers wanted to give her a lift, in the course of reversing the car to where she was standing, the car hit Arotile who sustained terrible head injuries that led to her death. She was just 24 years old when she died.

She also get her recognition from President Buhari 8 months ago. Nothing seem more painful about her death than what her father has said about her.

Mr Akintunde Arotile is the father of the deceased airforce pilot. He described how he talked to his daughter few hours before her death. It is very sad that death does not come with a notification, they would have acted to stop it.

He soberly described how he told her to come home on time on the tragic day that the deceased lost her life. These parents have spent a whole lot on Arotile just to make her achieve her dreams, the dreams she had been nurturing from childhood. There is absolutely nothing that can equally bring them the comfort to get over her death at this time, because this is the height of a tragic moment.

Recounting how the day the deceased died, it was apparent that Arotile's father must have received the most devastating shock of his lifetime on July 14th after he received the news of his daughter's death.

He mentioned how he called her around 1pm on the afternoon after she had come back from an air raid operation against bandits in Katrina. She had been given one week break alongside some of her colleagues, and around 5.30 pm the same day, he received the call that shattered his whole happiness. May God continue to protect us in Jesus name.

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