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Road Accident

See Photos Of How God Saved This Driver's Life.

When driving, anything can happen, you have to be very careful with the way you drive and you have to be careful about other people who can make mistakes on the road.

Some accident happen because of over speeding, sleeping while driving, drinking and driving, loss of concentration and lots more but there are sometimes that the accidents are caused by other road users.

See this case of this driver here, only God saved his life. He parked the car to ease himself, if he was in the car when the occurrence happened, he would have been dead or very close to the grave.

There was a lorry carrying heavy stones and didn't lock the carrier, a very big stone fell and landed on the car.

The car of course got condemned but if he was inside the car at the time, his life would have been condemned too.

See him, he couldn't even believe it, he was shocked, he just kept looking at the damaged car.

The annoying part is that the lorry carrying it didn't know that something dropped off it and he just kept going. He was unaware, just like he would have been unaware if the man had died.

May we never be victims of accidents by God's grace.

Content created and supplied by: Jayyboy (via Opera News )


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