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18-Year Old Boy Builds His Own Car, 12 Lessons to Learn (Photos + Videos)

The importance of Science and Technology cannot be overemphasized in the development of any country. The great countries of the world are great because of the advancements they have made in their science and technology.

The countries that are known as the first world countries are so because of the amount of money and time they have invested in those who have talents in science and technology.

Science developes through observations, interests, gifts, talents and ability to bring new things into existence which leads to inventions of things that are needed in our everyday life.

Any government who fails to invest in science and technology is bound to experience backwardness in terms of growth and global recognition. Such a country will be referred to as a third world country.

There are always people with gifts and talents to invent or discover new things, especially in the area of Science and Technology. Intelligent government should look for such and invest in them.

This actually is the secret behind the growth of China in science and technology which leads to the production of electronics products of different categories. China recognises talents in their citizens right from their childhood. And they invest heavily in them, not even minding their educational level.

An 18-Year-old boy writing BECE has shocked the world by building an automobile car for himself.

The name of the boy is Kelvin Odartei. He attends Cosmos International School in Ghana. Kelvin took the car he built to the school on the last day of their examination. This turned to a great celebration among his fellow students.

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The video of the car produced by Kevin has gone viral on the internet. His meat are very happy with this development on the day he brought the car to the school. Any of them actually enter the car as I drove them around amides celebrations they are filled the air in the school environment.

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12 lessons to be learnt from this development

1. Nothing the white men do that the black men cannot do

2. Nobody has the monopoly of knowledge in the world, especially in the area of Invention and Discovery

3. Talents and gifts are in-born, they are not taught in the school

4. Invention and Discovery do not depend on the level of education, but on the gift s and talents

5. Wisdom is different from knowledge. While knowledge can be gotten from the classroom, God gives wisdom

6. There is hope for Africa especially if we recognise and invest in young talents

7. Many a time skills are better than certificates. What many certified automobile engineers cannot do this boy did

8. One may not need special education to do some special things in life

9. Application of Knowledge is power for those who actually have it

10. God can use the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty

11. The black can be independent if they invest in their young talents

12. There is no limitation to what anyone can do in life, our limitation only exist in our own mind.

Let me just stop at these 12 lessons. Anyone can still add other lessons that we can learn.

This thing happened in Ghana, I wish the Ghanaian government would take up this matter from here and invest heavily on this boy so that he can be helped to achieve his aim.

On the other hand I wish that the Nigerian government would learn from this and also search out and invest in young talents that are in our country. We have many young talents here who have invented, discovered or built different things.

We have had somebody who built an aeroplane, cars and so on but they are not recognised. This is the reason many talented youths go out of the country and make themselves citizens of countries that appreciate, encourage and invest in science and technology.

Our youths are leading in various technological companies abroad. Our government can do the right thing to bring them back home so that they can be useful for their own country.

Reader, you can also drop your own comments or add other lessons that we can learn from this. Thank you.

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