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The girl we helped tried to kill my wife. True story

By: Pastor Omoefe Emesiri. Pastor of LIGHTPATH BIBLE CHURCH, Effurun delta state.

This incident happened in the town of effurun/warri metropolises.

Why I decided to write this incident down, it may help those who will read it, to trust in God more, and that God helps those who trust him.

Witches are real and live with us, and they commit so much havoc in our life every day.

This faithful day I and my wife were going home from work, along water resources road in effurun. My wife is a nurse and worked with NNPC as a nurse, and I myself a business man, as we were going home, we met a girl pregnant by the corner of the bush road, crying. It was pathetic sight, so we stopped to ask what was wrong. She narrated that the boy who was responsible for her pregnancy does not want to see her parent; he has rejected her and her pregnancy. He was beating her so that he can escape. He ran into the bush as he saw us coming; definitely she needed help which we gave her, she followed us home, and passed the night with us, she went home in the morning of the next day. We gave her little money to start her business of sweet hawking in the motor pack at effurun. She was living in the mechanic village. And I and my wife started to care for her until she put to bed a baby girl; I was visiting her from time to time to know how she was faring. We thought the boy will come back to her but never did. After six month of checking and caring, the parents never visited her.

One day she said to me people around here are thinking if I was the father of the child, for this reason I want you to have me, because no other man can come and take your place and the good we have shown to her, and it will be unfair if another man comes around. I told her it was impossible because my wife is aware of all that is going on, I cannot afford to hurt her and break my home, so I promised her that we shall be leaving her to do whatever she likes. She went into action. My wife was sent on a course in the University of Benin for 4weeks, which I told this girl, men are bad; I did the worse any man will do- affairs started.

The course my wife attended came to an end, and she had to return home, the day she was to come home, I went to my office in Udu /Enerehen road in the morning of that day, I wasn’t suppose to go and carry her back, she was to come home by public transport, because she want by public transport, so it was never in my mind or her mind that I was going to come and carry her home, from Benin. Everything seems normal that day. I went to the office, I called my friend an Accountant to join me in the office because he had no job. I sent for him to meet me that day in the office, he came all very early. As we were discussing; I went blank, for the first time in my life to hear God speak my mind with this instructions, go to Benin now to bring back your wife, she will die in a motor accident, if you don't go she will die, but,if you go she will not die. Our car will die in her place. That means our car will have an accident. God didn't say what will happen, but we are not going to die, he said I must be in Benin before 12.00 pm if not I will miss her, and she will die. So the mission is for me to go and rescue her from the planned death, I told my friend to go with me which he did, it was around 8.30 am. I don't want to go, but the urge to go was getting stronger and stronger if you don't go she will die. Kept repeating in my mind. My friend also tried to talk me off from going. Then, no hand set, I couldn't tell her anything. S Io I just have to go to Benin, my car had no good tires, and no spare tire, and I must get a spare tire for the journey I had a thought, if I get to my mechanic, he will be able to give me one, when we got there he refused to release one to me, the journey began without a spare tyre. my friend, and I began the journey with a snail speed, we got Benin, after a tiresome journey, we met hold up, but we got to the university of Benin at 12.05pm, she had shattered a taxi to take her to the park, when we arrived, she was very surprised to see me, why did you bother to come, the stress and bad tires, you wouldn’t have boarded she said. I and my friend had to discharge the load from the taxi into our car for a returned journey.

Glory be to God Almighty...

To be continued....

Watch out for... The girl we helped tried to kill my wife.... Part 2 (true life story)

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Effurun LIGHTPATH NNPC Omoefe Emesiri


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