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Public Safety


Safety accident



The Mask: Episode 10

He took out the security at the gate from a distance using computer. There was explosion at the gate. The securities then sited a car approaching them. They all got ready and soon began to fire as the car got closer. Niles them stepped on it and opened fire on them. A RPG hit his car but the car didn't get a scratch. He bypassed the securities and drove in. He opened his windows and threw time bomb through each side of the car. It glued to the wall. He came out of the car opening fire on them. They shot at him but no bullets penetrated him. He exhausted the bullets and reloaded. He killed them all on a spot, then threw time bomb at the entrance of the mansion. He dropped the Uzi and took out the pistols shooting his way in and and dropping time bomb at intervals. He stopped and checked his phone, the tracker had stopped right in front of him. He opened the doors slowly and saw his father tied up. He rushed towards his dad but heard a voice telling him to stop.

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Niles Uzi


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