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Latest Developments on Tolulope’s Death and Why President Buhari Should Order An Investigation.

The manner at which Nigerians just believe stories about preventable deaths is quite surprising. Tolulope Arotile, was reported to have died on Tuesday after sustaining head injuries from a road accident which occurred at the NAF Base in Kaduna.

The 23 year old young and ambitious woman was reported to have been Nigeria First Female Combat Helicopter pilot and also was inducted to NAF just 10 months ago. Such a death leaves many questions in the lips of sensitive Nigerians who know so well that the National Air force Base is supposed to be a very protected and guarded area when it comes to speed limits of drivers and precaution.

Let it be known that the writer is not trying to seem like a conspiracy theorist but the NFA’s brief reason for her death leaves one with many reasons to doubt the true cause. If one cannot do up to 30km/hr inside a base, then how was it possible for someone reversing to knock down another fellow? Was it that dark that the driver could not see clearly?

The whole story is all blurry and it looks like a cover-up of some deeper incident that must have caused young Tolulope her life.

There is the need for the NAF to begin investigations on and also feed the public and the family of the dead with genuine information if it is not official that they are classified.

If needed information is hidden from the family, then there is the need for the family to do an autopsy to confirm the cause of death and also sue the NAF for the preventable death of their loved one.

We should desist from normalizing accidents in Nigeria like it is destined to happen. Murders can be committed and reported as accidents. The world we live in is gradually losing its humanity and doubts will always arise when it comes to issues like this.

A Quick and Simple Analysis

An unconfirmed report said she was knocked down by a reversing vehicle driven by a classmate who wanted to greet her. There is no possibility that you will stay behind a car (intentionally) when you just want to ‘greet’ the person inside it.

If she was truly hit, on what level of speed was the person reversing to have caused such impact on her, which led to her death in how many minutes?

Was she taken to a nearby hospital after the incident?

At what time did the accident happen? (Her dad said he spoke to her around 1pm before he heard the news of her death by 5pm)

When was she pronounced dead?

In new developments

Tolulope’s sister said the deceased was called by a Senior Officer on the day she met her death but she was reluctant to go. Who then is this Senior Officer?

As expected, some readers may find it extreme to ask questions at this point but before going against this opinion, ask yourself what would have done if the victim was family member. Also, we should know that such death would not be swept under the carpet in other countries that hold the lives of their officers in high esteem.

As far as the writer is concerned, the incident might not be an ordinary car incident!

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