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Tragedy - As The Family announced the burial of their 23 years young Man

Tragedy - As the Family announced the burial of their 23 years young Man.

The world is really coming to an end, the strange things that happen nowadays are becoming more scary and sad. Sometimes I do compare these days and some few past years, it really seems like the world has totally changed to worse. Pains every day, premature death everywhere, sad stories keep on repeating every day by day. God please come and rescue us.

The young man identified as Michell Chinaza Okorocha who suddenly died earlier month of July is about to lay to rest on Saturday 18th July, 2020. The family of Okorocha bitterly announced the death of their son, mourming as they are going to pay him the last respect on Saturday. So painful, Is a huge loss to the entire family of Okorocha to see their young man going without saying a word to them. It really hurts a lot.

The young Michell was born in 1997 and died in 2020. He was an undergraduate student. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Michell recent photos before he died. May your soul continue to rest in peace. My condolence to the family of Okorocha.

Death is sure and everyone on Earth is going to meet it someday, It doesn't matter whatever you may be doing, but just remember that death is certain and can never be reversed when it truly comes.

Life is not all about what we think but the ones we truly understand. Let us live a life that will please God, that he may keep and preserve us for eternity. I pray for you this moment, you will not die before your time, untimely death can never be your portion, you will live and see the goodness of Jesus Christ.

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