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What can we call this? Miracle or what

I believe in God as much as I believe in his powers and Miracles . I have witnessed some Miracles in life and also heard from people that have witnessed it in one way or the other.

A month ago something happened which I will find time to write about in the future, but as a result of what happened I received a message from God not to use my car for three weeks. Although it wasn't easy but I have no option than to trust and obey. Three days to the completion of the three weeks, I woke up to meet some liquid flowing down under the car engine, I checked the car and found out it was the power steering oil that has leaked from its compartment even though the car wasn't in use. I tried to look for the leaking point but couldn't find any which makes me more worried. I called my mechanic to come and assess the situation and see where the problem is so we can rectify, but to our surprise he couldn't find the exact point of leakage or the cause of the leakage. We decided to put some diesel in the oil chamber expecting the flow to help in locating the point but it didn't leak even when we left overnight. The following morning I decided to remove the diesel, clean the oil can and added the power steering oil and see what's going to happen. Till today, there hasn't been a drop of oil from the can.

On the day that I want to move the car after completing the three weeks, I started the engine with the intention of allowing it to run for some time since it's been long that it has been left idle. The engine started fine and running smoothly before I went into the house to pick some things. On getting out, the engine has over heated with water coming out from every possible part of the cooling system. I quickly turn the engine off, allowed it to cool for some time, checked maybe I can get the cause of over heating but couldn't get any. I added another water because the radiator tank was already empty, started the engine and everything was running smoothly and fine since then .

I have been trying to get an explanation for the whole scenario but couldn't find any explanation. Or should we say it was a miracle from God.

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