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Standard operating procedure for safe Drinking water


3.1SOURECE OF RAW WATER The raw water is sourced from Water Board.The raw water flows directly by the Aid of pressure pumping machine 1HP into PVC raw water storage tank of 10,000 liters X 2 capacity. The water is allowed to settle, for 1 hour to enable adequate sedimentation before treatment commence. 

3.2 MACRO FILTRATION: With the aid of pressure 1HP, the water is pumped into industrial sand and activated Carbon filter for removal of Suspended particles, odor, taste and colour. The water flows directly to semi-treated PVC storage tank of 10,000L X 2 and allowed to settle for 1 hour 30 minutes 

3.3 MICRO FILTRATION: Pressure pumping machine IHP is employed to pump the water from Semi treated water tank to industrial micro filters of pure sizes 5µ, 1µ, micro carbon. 0.5µ and 0.5µ micro filters. The micro filters further suspended particles, odor, tasted and color from the water.

3.4 STERILIZATION: Filtered water flows into industrial stainless steel IJ.V sterilizer with a flow rate of water sterilizer disinfecting the water by destroying pathogenic micro-organisms present.

3.5 SEALING, FILLING AND PACKAGING: Sterilized water is sealed and packaging in 50gL low density polythene sachets, by automated sealing machine. The auto Sealer, seals, fills and packaging 2000 sachets per hour.3.6 ON LINE CODING Sealed sachets are batch coded/date marked on line by the auto sealer using the batch coding/date making device which indicates batch number, manufacturing and best before date, on the Sachets. Batch/date making should be indicated sealed sachets before distribution. Production Manager:ASOGWA DANIEL +2347031619310

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