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Good Creativity - See Photos Of A Car Built By A Teenager In Nigeria

This impressive, what a great innovation, see photos of a car built by a teenager in Nigeria.

Each and everyone of were created with one gift or the other, God created everyone for a purpose, you might be wondering now you have no special gift given to you by God, my dear that's not true, it is just that you haven't discovered yours.

The gifted gift given to Kelvin Odartei, an 18year old boy is what he used to build his own car.

His talent has started causing stir on the internet after a Twitter user, @Mawunya_ posted the guy.

According to the report, Kelvin is an Old BECE Graduate of Cosmos International School, it happens that the young boy drove his invented car to the school compound to celebrate his graduation from the school.

Lets take a look at the car.

What advice do you have for this guy on his talent.

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Cosmos International School Kelvin Odartei Mawunya_ Nigeria


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