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Stop Doing These Things To Avoid Gas Explosion, Be Careful.

Precaution to avoid gas explosion must be taken seriously because gas explosion has claim several lives. Residential gas explosions are more common than most people realize.

Gas explosion in home is very dangerous, and could lead to loss of lives and properties . It puts lives at risk not only because of the blast of the explosion, but also because of the fire that is likely to follow after explosion.

Gas are chemical substances, that when kept in an unstable environment or are exposed to heat or fire can lead to explosion. The gas expands as it heats, causing the pressure to reach intolerable levels which leads to explosion.

Here are few reasons that causes gas explosion.

* Faulty appliances or equipment.

* A leak.

* Improper usage of a gas appliance.

Below are basic safety tips to avoid a gas explosion in your home: 

* Don't use your phone. Go outside to make a call. Many people are guilty of this, but its better to stop it. (Prevention is better than cure)

* it is good to have all gas appliances, furnaces, vents, and gas pipes in your home inspected each year to avoid leakages and rusting of bolts and nuts 

* Make sure there’s at least one working fire extinguisher in your home incase of explosion.

* Please Follow manufacturer’s instructions for the use & care of gas appliances & equipment.

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