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My Daughter Hates Everything About Me, But What She Discovered After I Died Made Her Cry, (Fiction).

My name is Miriam, and I am married to my husband named kelvin who died six months after i gave birth to our first and only daughter named Jessy. After my husband died and left me alone in this cruel world, his brothers took everything from me and that made me return to my late parents house.

Well, that's not all, my daughter on the other hand is always ashamed of me because I was blind right from birth as she thought. Whenever she is graduating from one class to another or when they are doing anything in school she would tell me not to come, as she will always say;" what will you see when you come".

This continued until she got married to a rich man, since then, she doesn't even call me or come to check on me. Well, I was lucky because our neighbours wife is always helping me because of my condition. Even when my daughter conceived, she never told me or even brought her child to me to at least touch the child, it was through the news that I was enlightened because her husband was rich.

All this excruciating memories of how my husband died, how his brothers took everything from me, how my daughter hated me for being blind and so on made me develop hypertension and this became severe because I had no one to help me and beside my neighbours wife that always helped me traveled, but before I died, I left a note for her.

Now that they news of my death spread and got to her hearing, she was happy and decided to come and bury me and have peace of mind in her own thinking. But when she came to my house after people has already taken me to the mortuary, she saw a note on my table and opened it.

The note said; " I was never blind from birth rather I gave you my eyes when you were little because I never wanted you to grow up being blind when the doctors said that something could be done about your condition which was as a result of a fatal accident you had when you were small, however, I forgive you for all your mal treatment towards me because it was out of your ignorance, do live a happy life, your lovely mother Miriam".

Please, everybody should never be ashamed of your parents because she was never ashamed to feed you in public when your were small and also, she was never ashamed to clean you up when you mess your self in public. Don't forget to drop your opinion and also tap the like button.

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