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Road Accident

Opinion: They were classmates and it was an accident but Tolulope is gone, here is what might happen

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As her parents are still mourning the death of Tolulope Oluwatoyin Arotile,investigation is still going on about her death and it has been revealed that the driver which was her class mate has been revealed.

Everything points that it was an accident which was not expected but cost the life of Tolulope. What do you think should be done now?

But do you think it was merely an accident?

It might be,it might not.

But several investigation has been carried out and it would seem the thing you could penalise the driver for, is not having a drivers license. Though it is an offense to be driving without having a drivers license,it would seem he actually hit her by accident.

Investigation has been carried out & it seems he was not in any way drinking or using drugs with his friends, as there was no trace of such.

Though the investigation is still being carried out,there will be no interference by the Air Force or other authorities.

The name of her classmate and driver who accidentally hit her is Mr Nehemiah Adejoh.

Any consequence and repercussion of his action will be determined by the police after concluding their investigation.

Tolulope's parent are clearly still grieving the loss of their child and hope justice will be done.

Brave young lady who died at age 24,with so much drive and purpose towards the fight of terror in her country. The first female combat pilot will surely be missed and will not be forgotten for her service to her country.

She is an inspiration to many out there who has been trying one thing out there as a man or a woman.

She was a big investment to the Nigerian Air Force, as they have spent a lot of time,money and resources to her training home and abroad.

A great loss to her country,she will forever be remembered in our hearts.

Though it is a big loss to her family and friends who have lost her,a lot of people also have shown their respect and support in every way they can.

Though the matter has been handed over to the police,what do you think should be done?

How can justice be carried out?

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