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Road Accident

"Who said there's no God?" - Man reacts as he survives terrible car accident

Indeed, God is great and he does things in miraculous ways. A man has shared pictures of a terrible car accident he had which has elicited reactions. He recounted his experience as he claimed that the car summersaulted number of times and he came out of the situation with just little bruises. The man who spent millions on the car he recently acquired was grateful to God for sparing his life as given to the situation of the way the car looked, one can tell that the impact he would have gotten from it should have been more than that.

The post which was shared by the man on his twitter page read, "Who said there's no God? I saw my death yesterday, but my maker said it wasn't my time. Somersaulted number of times I couldn't count. God preserved our lives no wounds just little bruises. Hallelujah!"

Following the post which was shared by the man, lot of his followers have reacted to it and they have dropped their various comments concerning it.

A comment read, "Wow! Everytime I see an accident, it just draws me back to last year December when God saved me from same situation. Thank God for life and thank God he kept you and will always always keep us all."

Another comment read, "God is miraculous. Thank God for your life. All that was lost will be back in folds."

Another comment read, "This is one of the benefits of driving a strong car. All things been equal, all thanks to God. He deserves all the praises."

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