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I Left My 3 years old Baby In The Car With The Keys In The Ignition And This Happened (Fiction)

Something crazy just happened to me this afternoon. I am still in shock and cannot believe how reckless I was, and how this could've ended really badly for me. As I'm writing this, my hands are shaking but I feel I need to put my story out there so that many of you who are doing the same thing I did will learn from my story.

Here's my story.

My name is Ngozi and I am married to a pilot. We have just one child, Chima. Chima is just 3 years old and already attending kindergarten but because of the shutdown of schools due to the Covid virus he has been at home all this while and I try my best to tutor him and teach him basic things I believe a 3 years old baby should know. About two weeks ago, I told him his Dad was a pilot and being a smart kid like he was, he asked me what a pilot does. And I replied, they drive aeroplanes. I couldn't say fly because he probably wouldn't understand but he knows what driving is.

When I told him that, he said something that I didn't take serious at that time. He said he would drive my car just like his daddy drives an aeroplane. I laughed because I found it funny.

Fast forward two weeks later, which is today, we went out to visit my friend and on our way back, i stopped for a minute to buy oranges by the road side. As I stepped out, I didn't take out the keys from the ignition. I left it in there, with the car still running and Chima inside, the next thing I heard was 'gbaaaaam' behind me. I quickly turned back to see who had crashed into my baby only to find my 3 years old baby in the driver's seat. Apparently, he crashed into the car that was parked in front of us. My heart stopped beating for a moment and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Thank God no serious harm was done. I had to give the owner of the car 100 thousand to fix his car and believe you me, i didn't care about the money. I am just grateful my baby is alright. Please if you're one of those who leave your keys inside the car with your kids inside. Forget their age, don't do it. These youngins look at us and copy what we do. I pray your child won't jam anybody o.

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