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World's Most funny and Amazing cars

Here are some of the most Amazing cars on earth, they were made to look just like animals the idea was gotten from the looks of animals most of this cars were made out if human wisdom and imagination but they look so funny and also amazing here are some pictures of the cars below

This one has a teeth, its still an imitation of the human body

This one looks like a fish, the outside looks like a fish but it may not be like that at the inside

This one is the rino car, this one was made by the look of a rino, and it looks more like a war car

Real tortoise car, was made just to look like a tortoise

Tilapia car

Jet car

Shoe car

Prawn car

Tooth car

Snake car

which of these cars surprised you most?

please leave your opinions in the comment box, follow me for more interesting entertainment thank you.

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