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Road Accident

TRUE LIFE STORY: They Rescued Me from the Street and Gave Me Hope.

I was 11 year old when I lost my parents in a ghastly auto accident in 1999 while in form four.

I knew that there was no more hope for me and my elder brother,

I told my elder brother after the burial that he should ask my uncle if they will allow me to stay with them, my uncle agreed that is how I came to Kaduna.

My uncle's wife was very unkind to me, she blamed me for her childless condition and every misfortune of the family.

At a point she made my uncle to withdraw me from school. I became depressed and did not know that to do until I met Amina who sells groundnut on the street one day I was very hungry and had not eaten, she gave some groundnut for free.

We became friends and later I joined her in selling groundnut.

When my uncle found out I was selling groundnut on the street, he became furious and beat me mercilessly, he warned me never to bring shame to him if his friends find out that I was his niece.

I was determined to save money to go back to school so I continued my petty business until he caught me and wanted to punish me but out of fear, I ran out of the house into a coming vehicle but God saved me.

When the occupants of the vehicle came down they took me to the hospital to ascertain if I had sustain any injury, they wanted to know why I was running, I explained everything to them, they took me back to my uncle who insisted that I must not come back to the house.

The couple who are pastors in one of the new generation churches took me inn.

They gave me a room in their house and provided me with all my need.

They sent me back to school and saw me through university Education against negative advices from their families, friends and loved ones.

Today I am a medical doctor courtesy of this great and loving family who did what my own family could not do for me.

I regularly communicate with my elder brother who they also saw through education.

Though they do not have their own children, I have decided to be their child and take care of them till the day God will call them back home.

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Amina Kaduna


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