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Men who do not have cars should not enter into relationship- Lady

When we are using our social media platforms, we should learn how to keep some things to ourselves,as what we might say which may later go viral, might offend a group and also, might be misleading others into taking wrong decisions which they ought not to take.

A Facebook user is presently been criticised concerning a post she made yesterday on her Facebook page, addressing men who are not rich enough to buy a car for their personal use.

Queen Sylvanus on her Facebook timeline said that, how do guys who do not use cars to take their girlfriends out do it ? As whenever they want to take their girlfriends out, they result into taking tricycles and taking motorcycles instead of using their own personal car.

Queen Sylvanus going further, she said, how can men who do not have a car even enter into relationships? As relationship is not suitable for broke men who do not have a car.

What the Facebook user posted on her timeline is part of the reasons why young men do anything to make money nowadays, without not waiting for their time.

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