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Lockdown Tragedy: Man Loses All His Life Savings On Piggy Bank To Fire Outbreak (Photos).

A stranded man has cried out on social media on how he lost all he has Laboured for in a fire incident. He man noted that after his daily expenditures, he makes sure that he set aside #500 - #1000 to his piggy bank (local savings) but unfortunately for him before he could reap the fruit of his Labour, he was reportedly to have battled with fire outbreak which ravaged his home and virtually every other thing he Laboured for.

Below a picture of the man's Piggy bank currencies which was destroyed to an extent to the fire incident:

According to the man "Kelly Mark" who shared it on Facebook, he wrote:wrote: "Please guys this is what happened to me this afternoon, I have been saving this cash for sometime now. Only to be called dat my house is on fire.

"I ran down and after putting off the fire my saving box was burnt, after opening it I found the money inside like this. Inside this Covid 19 wahala.. am confused of what to do."

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Kelly Mark Piggy


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