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Road Accident

LASTMA wanted to tow an old man's car, the man refused, then this happened (video)

A scene has just occurred in Lagos. It happened exactly at Ojodu bus stop in Lagos. Fight occurred between an old man and a LASTMA who wanted to tow the old man's car.

According to Lagos laws,the man must have parked in the wrong place. The LASTMA as part of his job wanted to tow the car away for not following the law.

The man refused vehemently and tried to stop the man from towing his car. The LASTMA refused and said the car must be towed away. The old man was desperate and entered into a combat with the LASTMA.

The man slapped him and in the process gave the LASTMA injury. But as an old man,the LASTMA couldn't do anything. The people around asked that the video be taken for people to see what is happening.

Watch video here.

Well,I won't blame the LASTMA,the men are doing their job. If you didn't violate the law,they wouldn't tow your car.

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