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Is Riding A Car In Life A Must? See How People Reacted To This Funny Edited Photo On Facebook

"Some people are born with silver spoons while some are born with wooden spoon but others have no spoon at all". That quote summarises the situation we have in Nigeria. Life is not balanced at all in this country. The rich are getting richer whereas the poor are getting poorer. There is practically no middle class in this country of ours as either you are poor or rich-no two ways about it. You have to know where you belong to as a Nigerian before you can make it in this hard country.

The social media has even made matters worse by the ostentatious display of wealth on the internet which has made some people to want to have that money by all means. Most Nigerians can do anything to make it or to belong to that rich class including doing the unthinkable. One of the things most Nigerians do is to edit their photos into what you want to look like in the nearest future.

One of such is the photo seen above where the lady has edited herself into that car. Obviously, the car isn't hers and so she is trying to be a proud owner or driver of that car by doing the photo editing. Creative of her to think of such idea but it is not a must for everyone to drive a car in life. You can hire a driver if you are too rich to afford one. Some persons aren't supposed to be in the steering of a car just like the lady in that photo. This funny edited photo attracted so many reactions from people on Facebook and below are some of them..

What can you make of that funny photo above? Feel free to comment on this article below.

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