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Road Accident

Un Avoidable: Man Reveal Why He Killed Two Different People In Seperate Instances.

I have unintentionally killed one woman, and one man in separate instances, about two years apart. Both were unavoidable accidents caused by the locomotive I was operating colliding with the automobiles the victims were operating at road crossings at grade. In the first accident, my locomotive had just come out from a highway overpass, and the woman did not see or hear the train with the horn blowing, as she crossed the tracks in a full size Dodge sedan. She was killed instantly when the train struck the driver’s side of the car and flipped it into the air and it landed upside down in the ditch. I immediately applied the train’s emergency brakes and stopped, and my Conductor ran back to render aid to no avail, and separate the train cars at the road crossing for the ambulance and police vehicles responding to the scene to have access to the crossing. After filling out the police reports, railroad incident reports, and etc, we were relieved by another train crew and sent home by crew van. It was a very sad experience.

The second accident was at a major highway crossing where the man driving a Dodge pick up ignored the crossing warning devices and drove directly across the tracks in front of the train, because he was using his mobile phone while driving, this time the vehicle was not ejected from the tracks, and instead became entangled with the front end of the locomotive and was dragged 1/4 of a mile down the track while the emergency brakes were stopping the train. The 911 radio calls were made, and we attempted life saving measures on the victim, but he had already expired. The destroyed truck was so badly entangled to the train that the tow truck could not free it from the front of the locomotive. I instructed the tow truck driver to attach a heavy duty chain from the truck’s frame to the rail, and then proceeded to back the locomotive away from the truck so it could be towed off the tracks and the victim removed to the waiting ambulance. We were not relieved from the train and had to continue the trip to our final away from home destination after that horrific accident. There were three of us on the crew, Engineer, Conductor and Brakeman, and the rest of the trip was pretty much spent in silence instead of the usual in cab conversations.

These types of accidents happen all the time on railroad grade crossings all over the country. Trains can’t stop quickly, physics comes into play when all that mass is moving at speed, and even with emergency brakes applied, it takes a considerable amount of time and distance to stop a fully loaded moving train. So for everyone choosing to read this answer, please take just a little extra time when driving a vehicle and approaching any railroad crossing, and look and listen for trains at crossings, even if the crossing warning devices like gates and lights are not activated. The life you save might be your own.

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