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8 Untold Facts About The Biggest Pandemics In History That Changed The World As We Know It.

The truth is that in just a few months, the current Coronavirus Outbreak has put the whole world on its kneels. And as a matter of fact, this isn't the first Pandemic that would happen in history, but the honest truth is the present Covid-19 Pandemic could become the biggest crisis of our life and off course change the way we see things forever.

I have compiled eight facts about eight, Pandemics that had impacted the world in one way or the other. They are;

1. The Influenza Pandemic/ Spanish Flu didn't originate from Spain.

There has been some confusion on why the 1918 great Pandemic is called the Spanish Flu. Note that it was referred to as the Spanish Flu because Spain was the only nation that had maximum media coverage.

Also, because of the world war I events, most countries were restricted from the use of media, but since Spain was not involved in the war(a neutral country), it could publish extensive details of the Spanish Flu and this is why it was referred the as the Spanish Flu.

Note that the Spanish Flu claimed the lives of about 20-50(million) people between 1918 to 1919. In addition to that, about 500million people or one-third of the world's population was infected with the flue. The Flue is sometimes called the Mother of all Pandemics.

2. Another fact you should know is the Black death Pandemic which caused Havoc between 1346-1353 changed the tune of Europe's socio-economic history.

The singular reason for this statement this is because of the mass deaths. 

Many people passed died because of the Black death Pandemic yet, finding a job or labor proved difficult and expensive. After the Black death Pandemic, the salaries of all working classes got higher and the usual arrangements of serfs being the lowest class in a feudal system ended.

3. Did you know that between AD 250-271 a Pandemic in Rome made people assume that the world truly coming to an end? 

During this period at least 5000 people were reported to have died on a daily basis, and this made people assume that the world was truly coming to an end. The instrument of the Pandemic was unknown but, the chances included flu, small pox, and even Ebola.

4. It might interest you to know that it was between 1852-1860 that it was discovered that cholera spreads through contaminated water. However, it was "John Snow" a British physician that made this discovery.

Unfortunately, before he made this discovery, 23,000 people already had lost their lives in Great Britain alone.

5. As mentioned earlier, did you know that the Black Death Pandemic wiped out 15% of London's population. Up till today, this Pandemic remains the most devastating events to have occurred in London because over 100000 lives were lost to a plague which was followed by a fire accident that lasted for four days. Note that these events lasted between 1665-1666.

6. Another fact is around 5000 years ago, a Pandemic wiped out an entire village located in China, and dead bodies were packaged and burnt down in a house. Surprisingly, that village is presently an archaeological site known as Hamin Mangha. One of the houses in Hamin Mangha have remains of 97 humans, and it was said they were mostly 19 to 35 year-old as at their time of death.

7. In the late 1400s did you know that 90% of America continent population succumbed to esmall pox and this in turn made the Europeans colonise the America continent. They exploited their minerals especially the Latin America, and this ultimately propelled the ideology of "Capitalism."

8. Another Pandemic that occured in Rome was the one that killed 5million people between AD 165-180.

This Pandemic ultimately ended the golden era. The source of the Pandemic was linked to the Roman War against Parthia as people claimed the Roman soldiers came back home with a certain virus that lead to the death of this people. This particular event put an end to the Roman peace (Pax Romana), the time when Rome was most powerful.

Having listed all these facts, we now know that the world has seen a lot of great and disastrous Pandemics which have changed the world to what we have today. But, it is yet to be seen what Coronavirus will lead, so, for now I advise you to stay indoors and safe.

Thanks for reading.

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