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This Is Risky:See What A Man On Wheelchair Did To A Moving Tricycle On A Major Road

A video has been going viral for hours now.In the video,a physically challenged man who is on a wheelchair was doing something very dangerous on a particular busy road in Lagos.

"Tired man on wheelchair clings to a moving tricycle in Lagos State"

Watch the video below


According to the video,the person who was behind the camera also expressed shock at what he was a recording.

The 'tired' man who couldn't push himself in his wheelchair tried another smart but risky move by clinging himself with a moving tricycle.Something like this might not end well because it's against road rules and also it could result in loss of life if it ends badly.

The road is a busy one.As shown in the video,people who were on bikes were also staring at the man on wheelchair who was enjoying the free ride without the driver of the Tricycle knowing.

On some occasions,some people who are fully capable of walking or paying transport fares would want to avoid it so they would buy rollers skate and cling themselves to a bus heading to their destination,this man on wheelchair who attached himself to a moving tricycle in the video I showed you above might not be the first to do this.Imagine the driver of the tricycle applying brakes suddenly or lose control of the tricycle.

It's not proper and could end badly.

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