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Remember The 18 year Old Boy that built his own car? He is about getting some help

The internet has been one of man's greatest inventions and it has helped a lot of people reach their dreams and goals. The Young Ghanaian engineer, Kelvin Odartei is part of those blessed through the internet.

The 18 year Old BECE Graduate of Cosmos International School, Kelvin Odartei that built his own car has found help.

The Young Ghanaian engineer Kelvin after going viral for building his own car and cruising in it with his friends on the last day of their BECE examination has been set up a GoFundMe account by Cassandra Ntiamoah.

Since the government has not recognized Kelvin Odartei talent, the society has and they are supporting him in the little way they can.

The idea of the GoFundMe account is to help Kelvin Odartei build more cars and also produce locally manufactured cars, air conditioners using local materials.

The funds collected from the GoFundMe will also help with his school supplies and his school fees.

In my last article where I shared this young man's talent and skill, many comments were made concerning how to empower Kelvin because we all know how the economy and government is. Luckily for us, Kelvin Odartei has been set up a GoFundMe account with the help of Cassandra Ntiamoah. Have in mind that all payments made to Kelvin via the GoFundMe account will be handled by GUBA.

The GoFundMe is targeted to reach a threshold of $7,000 dollars and it's currently at $800 under one day of opening. Kelvin needs our support and we should try to show some love to him. No amount is too small to donate. And if you have no money on you, you can still help out by sharing this article or the link to his GoFundMe page to your friends, families or your place of work.

Click HERE to donate for Kelvin Odartei

Incase you missed out on my last article of Kelvin Odartei cruising with friends in his car then click on my media profile to check it out and watch the video.

Don't forget to share this article, it's very important! let us create awareness to the society and enhance this young man's talent.

Please leave a comment or suggestion for Kelvin below.

Click HERE to donate for Kelvin Odartei

Lastly, if you have or know any talented kid like Kelvin out there struggling, do well to contact us or share the kid's talent via social media for the world to see. NO TALENT IS A WASTE!

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