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A 3 Years Old Boy Suffers A Leg Paralysis After He Was Bitten By A Viper (Photos)

A 3-year-old boy must learn to walk again after being bitten by a viper

Lewis, a three-year-old boy, has been paralyzed and must relearn how to walk after a viper bite.

It's a terrible story. Lewis, a three year old boy, was bitten by a viper. Following this incident, he was paralyzed and can no longer walk. As Sud Info reports, the facts took place on a Sunday afternoon in London while her family was enjoying a picnic in Lightwater Country Park in Surrey. Lewis was playing in the grass until he squealed. His father, Daniel, then rushed to help him. "We think he may have stepped on it by accident and clung to his leg. It was instantaneous and then he suffered excruciating pain." he told the Sun.

Lewis knew what to do in the event of a snake bite and therefore took action to save his three-year-old son. "We were trying to keep his heart rate down. You have to keep your kids calm because the faster your heart pumps, the faster the venom flows through your body. We took him to the hospital. His leg was completely swollen, his foot had turned black. "he added. On social networks, Nicole, her mom has indeed shared impressive photos of Lewis' bite. In the photos, we discover the purple mark as well as the swollen foot of the young boy but also his passage to the hospital. For the time being, he must stay there in order to recover.

Lewis attacked by a viper: rehabilitation sessions on the program

"He was really brave, but the swelling is so great that he is paralyzed and can't move at the moment," concluded Daniel. From now on, little boy Lewis will have to undergo physiotherapy sessions to learn to walk again. There is hope.

More pictures below:

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