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Opinion: This is the only solution to Lagos traffic apart from water transport system

Lagos is the commercial heart hub of Nigeria, the most populous city in Nigeria, also the richest, Lagos can also be termed one of the most fastest growing city in the world, indeed there would be lot of disadvantages for this, in which Traffic is one of them, even though the Lagos State government has been doing a lot of good job to reduce traffic and help settlers with ease movement, yet there are still complaints on traffic in the state, and so many people suggested that water transportation is the best option and solution to it.

The only solution to it that I think, is our attitude and mind, it doesn't matter if there is water transportation, if there is water transportation and people still don't change their attitudes about things then it's not really going to work out, our minds and attitudes can even make the road enough for all of us, when road laws are obeyed by individual, drivers and all other road users even along side with road workers or traffic warders, we all need to change our attitudes, if we are good, we won't bring a spoilt vehicle on the road till it get knocked down causing a hold up, if we are good we won't drive reckless causing an accident.

So this depends on our attitude towards things, it doesn't matter the options for solution.

Do you agree with this or not ? State your reasons.

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