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5 Tips To Increase Child's Safety At Home

Children sure knows how to play all kinds of play, with anyone or anything they can get hold of. They can make one thing or another out of any equipment.

A child, during play can take matchsticks from the kitchen and imagine it to be explosive (toy) or maybe "fire gun". Or pick up a real knife and use it as "sword". Children can see anything as toy during play without considering it's danger on themselves or the house as a whole.

Due to the fact that children are blessed with this so called " carefree mind", it is the duty of an elderly person to manage the children and also, the arrangement of equipments at home.

Tips To Consider

1) Do not play with fire

Educating children on the danger of fire does not only ensure their safety; it reduces the risk of burning down the whole house. Which surely endangers everyone that lives within.

Do not let children to go near cooker while the fire is on. Kids will always try out stuffs with fire; they may try to light a paper from the fire.

Then when you're finally not around to stop the paper from catching fire, the child will have the total freedom to carry out the full experiment. So keep them away from fire.

2) Children should know the danger involved while using electrical equipments

You don't want to see any of your young ones get electrocuted, or rather you don't want to get a call from the hospital while you're at work, that your child was electrocuted or involved in some kind of electrical accident.

Firstly,let your children know the danger of operating electrical equipments with wet hands. Cover electrical wires that it's metal has been exposed.

Most importantly, teach your children to seek assistance when handling electrical equipments, and do not ignore them when they do.

3) Keep the floor dry

Telling your children all the dangers at home won't stop them from running around,either to you or to get something.

Always serve them by making sure you mob the floor dry to avoid them slipping. Dry their body well after taking their bath.

4) Kitchen utensils should be kept away from the reach of children

Hanging the kitchen utensils high above the reach of children most times is not enough. they can make use of a chair when you're not around. So do tell them why it's above their reach, and let them know the danger involved when they play with them.

5) Keep all medicine far from the reach of children

This is always written on every medicine pack. Most elders seem to ignore this inscription.

This is to prevent any child from taking excess dose, so keep the medicines far from their reach.

Hope I've helped some how.

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