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Plane Crash

5 people who survived the IMPOSSIBLE

5. Twenty-two-year-old Vesna VulovicVesna Vulovic did the impossible when she emerged alive after a 33,000 footfall entering the Guinness Book of World Records for surviving the longest fall without a parachute. Full of it was a stewardess on an unfortunate Yugoslavia Airlines flight from Copenhagen to Bail during which the Ustash separatist group planted a bomb in the cargo.

As the bomb went off, the plane crashed into the mountains killing all 28 passengers and the entire crew except for Vesna. She was hospitalized with a fractured skull, two broken legs and three broken vertebrae but managed to survive and lived a full life afterward.

4. Croatian music teacher Frane Selak has had more than a few meetings with death and survived all of them. Reaching the age of 85 was not a smooth ride for Selak. At the age of 33 a train Selak was on flew off the tracks into an icy River killing 17 passengers, but not him. With a broken arm Selak survived. This close called only to find himself in a plane one year later flying across Croatia. A door on the plane was blown away and Selak was blown out of the plane with it, believe it or not he survived by the landing on a haystack. Only three years later, he was on a bus which punched into the river and killed four people, but of course not him. At the age of 41, the fuel tank in his car exploded but he managed to react in time and escaped certain death again. The same incident unbelievably repeated itself just three years later. 20 years after that Selak survived one more car explosion and another bus accident only to win the lottery and become a millionaire in 2003. He is truly the most unlucky lucky person of all time.

3. Anatoli BugorskiAnatoli Bugorski worked as a researcher at The Institute for high energy physics in Protvino. While checking a malfunctioning piece of equipment, a beam from the largest Soviet particle accelerator measured at about 200,000 RADS went straight through his head but Bugorski's face swelled up beyond recognition and started peeling off. The beam burned through parts of his face, his bone, and brain tissue underneath astonishingly. Although only 500 RADS would normally be enough to kill a person, Bugorski survived his intellect, was undamaged and he continued his scientific career with much success. He did however lose his hearing in the left ear with that side, his face remaining frozen due to the destruction of nerves.

2. Roy Sullivan Roy Sullivan was a ranger in Virginia who made it to the Guinness Book of World Records by surviving being struck by lightning seven times. Each strike did it leave him scarred through. The lightning left him with minor injuries each time such as the loss of a toenail or burning off an eyebrow, but some of the incidents had more serious consequences such as setting his hair on fire, searing a shoulder or leaving him with chest burns. Ironically after a series of miraculous survival, Sullivan ended his life at the age 71 by Suicide, apparently out of reasons unrelated to his bad luck when it comes to storms.

1. Mauro ProsperiTook part in a 1994 Marathon called the marathon of Sands taking place in Morocco. The marathon was unfortunately Swept Away by Sandstorm which caused Prosperi to lose his way and left him stranded in the desert running in the wrong direction. He ended up in Algeria where he took refuge in an abandoned mosque. He survived nine days by drinking his own urine and eating bats and snakes before he was found by a nomadic family who took him to an out Syrian military camp where he was hospitalized.

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