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Remember the 25-year-old lady who dies during childbirth, she is buried today (SAD)

Family in tears as they bury their wife/daughter "Nnaemeka Stella Uchechukwu" who dies during childbirth.

It is a tragic period to the family of Mr. Nnaemeka Emmanuel of Umualogwu, Umudeze Mmiata, and the family of late, Mr. Anthony Offordile of Umuobalije, Ndiobi Umueweluem, both in Ama, Anambra West local government area of Abia state, as their bury their beautiful and beloved daughter who passed away as a result of complications during child delivery.

Stella passed away on 2nd of July 2020, in the labor room, as a result of complication during childbirth. Where she left her beloved ones who greive over her demise in heartbroke.

Tragically, she is laid to rest today in her husband's compound at Umualogwu, Umudeze Mmiata, Anam Anambra West.

Before Stella's demise, she survived with her husband, bother families and other relative.

Meanwhile, she died during her first child delivery.

It obviously a tragic occasion, disheartening event and a regrettable lost to her loved ones especially her families.

However, may God give them the grace to find solace in him.

Rest in peace Beloved!

Rest in peace Asambodo!

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