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Road Accident

7 Hot Prayers Against Accidents, Please Don’t Ignore!

7 Hot Prayers Against Accidents, Please Don’t Ignore!

Hello and welcome to another section of prayers where we shall be praying against every spirit of accidents. Some accidents are not natural and we would need the protection of God to avert the evil plans of the enemy to put us in this kind of accidents. So I strongly advise that you pray like your life depends on it.

1.      The length of my days shall be complete in jesus name.

2.      failing organs in my body, be repaired in the name of jesus.

3.      My bones shall not be destroyed through accident, in the name of jesus.

4.      Powers that do not want to see me around, I cast and bind you in jesus name.

5.      Any badluck attached to my name, be cut off in jesus name.

6.      Let my name become too hot in the mouth of my enemies In jesus name.

7.      Anything evil attachment to my name scaring away opportunities, die in jesus name.

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