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I am going to Fly That Aircraft She Told Me - Father Of Nigeria's First Female Pilot Mourns Daughter

I am going to Fly That Aircraft She Told Me - Father of Nigeria’s first female combat helicopter pilot Mourns Daughter

Few hours ago the father of Nigeria's first female combat helicopter pilot Tolulope Arotile who died yesterday as a result of fatal accident at kaduna. Tolulope father has narrated how he talked to her on phone before she was confirmed dead.

According to reports, said that mr. Akintude Arotile is very devastated about the death of his daughter as he recall how the late flying officer aspired to be the first female combat helicopter pilot as a child.

She was involved in a fatal accident at the Kaduna air force base on Tuesday.

according to report, said that she was inadvertently hit by her former classmate while trying to exchange greetings and she sustained head injury which led to her death.

Arotile recalled how he had told his daughter to “return home on time” when they spoke hours to her demise, not knowing she was never going to be home again.

“Just yesterday,at about 1 pm, I heard from her because she just came back from an operation against the insurgents in Katsina (and) they gave them one week to rest,” he said.

In his statement he said that Tolulope was sleeping and she told him she will be going out to make copies of a document and he told her not to stay long. 

He said,

"I told her not to be long and to return home on time because she was staying with my first daughter in Kaduna.

“Around 5:30 pm, somebody broke the news to him about Tolulope death and he was shock so he called one of her bosses and he said the body of his daughter is being deposited in the mortuary.

I am going to Fly dreamt about flying an aircraft, saying “she had not just been brilliant but wonderful.”

“One day when she was very young, she pointed to one small aircraft packed on the field and said, ‘dad, one day, I am going to fly that aircraft’ and I said Amen,” he recalled, adding that she started working towards actualising the dream from that day.

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