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You might have wanted to know these English words.

Among English learners, it is quite a common experience for a person to think of a word in their native languages but fail to translate it into English language. Here are some English verbs you might have wanted to know.

1. Do you know that feeling, when someone keeps something improperly on your way and you accidentally hit it with your foot? Ouch! That really hurts! Anyway, I am not talking about the feeling. I am talking about the "striking of object with your foot by accident". In Hausa, we call it "tuntube." How about in English?

You: Umar, how did you break your leg?

Me: I tripped over my computer cord and fell down the stairs.

(Trip, tripping tripped)

2. Being a child to an African mother, I can testify that the most credible threat that comes from African Mothers is in form of a look. OMG! That look explains everything; "I'll beat you, break you, crush you, pound you, cook you in a meal..."(OMG, I don't even want to remember). That look is very dreadful. In case you need more explanation, just remember how your mother reacted when you were staring at the visitors' food.

So let's talk about the look. In Hausa language, it is a six-letter word (harara). In English, it has only five.

Me: I thought everything was OK, and we could be back together. But seeing how she was glaring at me, I couldn't get the courage to talk to her.

(Glare, glaring, glared)

3. Listen, I wanted to write the third one but unfortunately, someone is coughing here unnecessarily and I don't feel comfortable here. See you tomorrow.

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