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Checkout Man That Swallowed His Toothbrush, See What Happened To Him (Photos)

At times when we eat meat or fish, we mistakenly swallow the bones of what we eat and it usually chokes in the throat. But do you know that a man has accidentally swallowed something bigger than that in his throat. Before you continue reading, make sure you follow this page to view interesting articles like this.

The topic of discussion, David Nazir, a 34-Year-Old Man from Kilifi County In Kenya. He accidentally swallowed his toothbrush. Immediately he was admitted at a General Hospital close by.

The man is a father of two children, but despite his age he couldn't avoid Mistakes or accident. In the Hospital, he explained that he was brushing his teeth in the morning when he mistakenly swallowed the brush he was holding.

He said that he was amazed that the incident happened to him because for over 30 years he has been brushing his teeth without swallowing it. He was washing his tongue with the toothbrush when it entered his throat.

He added that the toothbrush slipped from his hands and plunged downed his oesophagus at a rapid moment, it entered his throat down.

Here are the photos of him holding the X-ray photographs that proves that the brush was held up on his stomach.

Nazir also said that he is fine and he can eat any fluid food and water because the specialist told him that solid food can drive the brush further.

He is in a good condition as he doesn't feel any pain and he can talk normally.

Thanks for reading. How would you feel if you had a toothbrush inside your stomach? Tell us in the comments section.

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