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Yoruba people should not try to query God, Arotile's death was God's doing

Arotile Tolulope's death is a calamity that can never be rectified, however we can only glorify God for being God in our everyday life. Arotile was Nigeria's pride for a very short time. She was Nigeria's first combat helicopter pilot of the Nigerian Airforce.

Giving details of her death, she was reported to have been hit by a reversing car that was being driven by her friend who wanted to pick her up. She was reported to have sustained severe head injuries that eventually led to her death. She was just 24 years at the time of her death, and had just received a presidential recognition from President Muhammad Buhari 8 months ago. She was a native of Kogi state.

However, some elements in the society are starting to think there is more to this young innocent lady's death than meets the eyes. People have started calling for a deeper investigative measures for better explanation of how Arotile died.

Some people are thinking that this is a plot against the success of the Yoruba people in Nigeria, but truly it is not. Arotile died a natural death that was not timely. Nobody could have had any reason to plot the death of this young pilot. People should stop looking for what is not there from the start, Arotile's death is painful but nobody should try to pin it on anybody. Nobody is against the success of the Yoruba people in Nigeria, no reason for them to.

At this time, we can only pray to God to help her family, and not add to the existing pain by publicly calling for a detailed investigation of her death.

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