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Fiction: Secret Road Of A Mermaid Episode 5

it's another episode of the secret road of a mermaid. it's an interesting story line where we unravel mysteries that will make your heart skip. Its unfortunate when people complain the story is short or ask about the previous episode. Follow our page and get the whole exciting new episodes. Comment on how you feel about the story.

whirled wind blew and the wave carried by the River made a scary sound. The cold wind carried by the wind kept his body shivering. How could this be happening to him. He was not suppose to be there. He called out for people to hear his voice but no one could hear him. He was filled with terror as fear gripped his heart. Trying to get up, he discovered that his legs are too heavy to carry him up. Kelvin looked around and gasped in fear as everyone around him was dead.

He just realized that he is a living being in the land of dead people. He could see things clearly. How could he get to that place he asked himself. Looking at the faces of people that laid death, he could not recognize anyone's face. Kelvin thought he was the only soul in River. He was still in his thoughts when he mysteriously sank deep into the River. It was a new world he never knew that existed. Even houses, flowers, living beings existed in River.

He loved the sight of what he saw unlike when he had to deal with dead bodies. Swimming around, he saw many beautiful creatures. It got to a point everything vanished, he could hear no sound, skulls of human being littered around. It was a dead zone, he thought. He heard them blew a loud whistle, he wondered where it could be coming from. It seems people were swimming towards his direction. Vividly, Kelvin could see the beautiful creature, he knew she was a mermaid. He wanted to scream but she signalled him to keep quiet. What are you doing here? you will be dead if the had discovered that you are here, she told him.

Kelvin did not know how it happened but he woke to see himself by the River bank. He looked around and discovered that he was surrounded by people. He saw media people all with their cameras pointed towards him. Men and women he assumed to be government officials were also there. Kelvin smiled and asked the closest person where he was standing what was happening.

Many people trooped towards him to question him, After series of repeated question, they discovered he has lost his memories. it was a case of Amnesia were one forgets everything in his past due to accident or shock. Kelvin was quickly rushed to the hospital as he was the only survival and witness. They cannot loose him too. What would happen next to the people of Alcapta. The only survival to the River incident has lost his mind. who would warn them about the existence of mermaid. Find out in our next episode. I believe you would not love to miss out on this heart throbbing story, drop your comment on what you feel could happen next.

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Kelvin Secret Road Of A Mermaid


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