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The only dream I had that came true. (fiction)

My name is Catherine and I love dreaming. Anytime I sleep I must dream, but none of my dreams came to pass.

There was a time I dreamt about my mother. I saw in that dream that she had a fatal accident because she wanted to save my life, by the road side.

When I woke up I cried a lot and told her what my dream was all about. She prayed over it. At times I do wonder why I love dreaming and none of my dreams came to pass. Whenever I asked my mom she will tell me that my destiny knows why.

I had a boyfriend who was very close to me. We were very close. My mother didn't know I had one because if she knows I'll be grounded for life.

One evening, we ate happy as a family and everyone went to bed happily. I was wondering what I would dream of that night when I slept off. I met myself in a strange environment.

The place looked like a ritualist den. I was so scared. I saw my boyfriend who came to me and told me that he has somewhere to show me. I followed him and we ended up in a strange looking forest. Before I knew what was happening, I saw three men who looked like beasts and I noticed that my boyfriend has disappeared. I then saw a monkey on top of one of the trees in the forest who was laughing. He told me that he was my boyfriend.

Those beasts were coming closer to me with a sharp cutlass. I screamed. I woke up in the arms of my mother who was asking me why I screamed from my sleep. I explained my dream to her. She prayed with me as usual.

During the day, my boyfriend called me and told me that I should come and see him. I was scared to go because of the dream I had. I decided to go since I trusted him and since none of my dreams had never came to pass, I decided to go and meet him.

On getting to where we are to meet he told Mt to follow him. I reluctantly followed him. We ended up in a forest and I started to shiver.

He said I should wait for him inside the forest, giving an excuse that he wants to get something. I decided to run for my life. Before I could turn back I saw those three beasts.

Please what should I do?

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