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Laugh Time: The Pastor Asked For The Car Key And Not The Car

Always start your day with a smile, it brightens up the rest of the day.

Since you decided to do so, get ready to laugh away your worries as I share this story with you.

When I was a kid, my dad bought a new car and drove us to church one Sunday.

Fortunately, it was a prophetic service and God was really using our pastor that Sunday. Suddenly, our pastor looked at my dad and said "Mr. David, God is set to bless you."

On hearing this, my mum jumped up and shouted in excitement "Amen!!"

My dad was excited too. Not too long, the pastor came closer to my dad and laid his hand on him and prayed for him.

As the pastor turned, moving towards the pulpit, he stopped as if he got a message from God. He then looked at my dad and asked: "Mr. David, you bought a brand new car last week, right?

"Yes, pastor" my dad replied with utmost surprise.

"God said you should sow your CAR KEY in my life, and watch what He will do in your life" the pastor revealed.

Just like everyone else, I was shocked but unexpectedly, my dad didn't argue or mutter a word but just brought out the car key and gave it to the pastor.


Five minutes later, my dad stood up and left the church without leaving any word. "He must be very worried" I thought in utmost fear and confusion. I could see him boarding a taxi. "Maybe he is going home", I thought.

Unexpectedly, he returned to the church with a SPARE KEY of his car and drove us home.

I was stunned at what I just saw. At home I summoned courage and asked my dad the reason he acted the way he did. He replied me saying: "Junior always use your brain. THE PASTOR ASKED FOR THE CAR KEY AND NOT THE CAR."


You must be laughing really hard now, right?

Always laugh, it keeps you a mile away from WRINKLES and makes you ever YOUNG.

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Content created and supplied by: Chykeson (via Opera News )

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