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Mysteries Behind The Death Of Nigerian First Female Combatant Pilot, Questions No One Is Asking

The first Nigeria female combatant female pilot Tolulope Arotile died recently by a minor act which was suppose to be avoided, i call this an avoidable accident because the young girl died due to her friend's recklessness.

The news of her dead in indeed a big lost to the whole country and a big black days for Nigeria

According to the report, she was killed by her friend who was supposed to pick her up that faithful day, then at the process of reversing back, she was hit by the car and she crashed to the ground with her head hitting very hard on the ground, she died on the process.

There are certain questions that are suppose to be asked but people are neglecting them.

Was the friend drunk during this period?

This act could only mean one thing, if the friend was drunk that moment because i see no concrete reason and justification for this act, a lady that you are supposed to pick up, you saw her and just for you to greet her and pick her up, you accidentally knocked her down on that spot

Does the friend have a driver's licence?

This is a very important question that the authorities need to look into because the act of her friend that killed her with a car is an act of an amateur driver, someone who is still learning how to drive and does not know how to quickly differentiate between acceleration and break.

What if the friend did this intentionally?

Human can very very wicked you know this?

now this act could be a deliberate act and an act of jealousy, they easily get jealous of each other, this could be a deliberate murder and this is a big clue for the authorities to apprehend her friend and ensure proper interrogation and investigation

Her death is very mysterious and it came just too quick and easy.

why did she have to die on the year that is more important in her life, she could have died while she was still in the school and then it could have been that she died during that period but now she died when Nigeria needed her the most, she died when she is supposed to be celebrating and enjoying with her family for this wonderful success of becoming the first Nigerian female combatant pilot.

This is really a big lost to the family at large and we pray that God should console them.

R I P Tolulope Arotile

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