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Road Accident

See Pictures Of The Worst Motor Accidents Around The World (Photos)

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Motor accident is an unwanted occurrence which usually happen on the highway. Sometimes, it happens in a flash such that the driver will lose control of the wheels.

Motor accident can be caused by many factors; it can be caused by reckless driving on the part of the driver (overspeeding, drinking before or while driving, and/or lack of concentration), faulty brake, faulty gear, bad roads, and/or natural forces.

Nobody will ever wish to be a victim of motor accident because of the high level of risk surrounding it. Motor accident often leads to loss of lives, severe injuries, and so on and so forth in a matter of seconds. You will never be a victim of motor accident.

In this article, you will be shown pictures of the worst motor accidents in Nigeria and the world at large. You can, however, take a stroll to a hospital to feed your eyes with what motor accident has done to innocent people.

There are two forms of motor accidents, which are fatal motor accident and ghastly motor accident.

A fatal (death) motor accident is an accident that causes someone to die. Ghastly motor accident, on the other hand, is an accident which leads to victims being badly injured. Although a victim of a ghastly motor accident can die consequently, but death doesn't happen instantaneously.

Take a look at the following pictures. They are pictures of worst motor accidents around the world.

Tell us your motor accident experience (if any). Either the one you witnessed or that happened to you or someone you know.

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