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Road Accident

A Question That Needs The Attention Of A Pastor (fiction)

Before answering the question, you should consider this terms first of all.

Near miss - Is an accident without a negative impact.

Incident - An unwanted, unplanned event that almost cause injuries illness or damage.

Accident - An unwanted, unplanned event that causes injuries, illness or even death.

The question that even needs a clergy attention is no other question than this.

Question: A lady was slapped due to a heated argument between her and the spouse, who are getting ready for wedding two(2) weeks later. Considering the fact that we don't know if they later got married. Is the slap a near miss, incident or accident?.

As we sail through the course of life, we don't even know what might become of us. Even with preventive measures held high, accidents, incidents and near miss occurs.

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