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If you live in Lagos, then this is for you

Lagos Nigeria is a mega city which covers 1,171.28 km2 (452.23 sq mi), comprises of both land and water. Lagos land covers 999.6 km2 (385.9 sq mi) while the water bodies took 171.68 km2 (66.29 sq mi) from the total land. It is the fastest growing city in Africa with an estimated population of more than 21 million as at 2020. Lagos is the centre commerce for Nigeria and sub Sahara Africa and this has contributed to the fast growing population in the city. 

While the city is growing in development wise, individual growth has made it possible for people to acquire their needs including cars. This is were the big challenge set in as many people acquired personal car as one of the necessities of life. The fast growing numbers of vehicles in Lagos roads daily has made traffic jam a major nightmare to the residents of the city. Very many people have to wake up, set on the road as early as 4:00AM to beat the traffic but can't avoid the traffic while returning from the office. 

Overtime, many people have said when you get to the end of traffic jam in Lagos, that you won't find the cause of the traffic. Was it a ghost or spiritual power that is behind the lagos traffic jam? 

I do not agree with that insinuation as many things are responsible for lagos traffic jam from my personal experience. Some of the causes of traffic jam in Lagos are Break-down vehicles, potholes, reckless driving, non challant attitude of drivers, extortion by traffic officers etc. 

In a bid to manage the traffic challenge in the city, the lagos state government established Lagos state traffic management authority (LASTMA). This tackled this problem to certain percentage but what happened next? From experience at Iyana Oworo bus stop, the traffic officers that are ought to control the traffic where seen allegedly pursing extortion from motorist leaving their primary job undone or not doing it well. 

We need to help ourselves to solve this traffic jam problem in Lagos by adhering strictly to this:

Obeying all traffic laws saves our time and money from unnecessary fines.

Avoid non challant attitude and don't be reckless in your driving.

Traffic officers should be paid well to do there job perfectly without extortion motives. 

Regular road maintenance to keep our roads motorable all the time. 

By embracing the traffic laws and the instructions, traffic jam in Lagos will be reduced to the bearest minimum and the city will be a better place to live.

God bless you, God bless Lagos state, God bless Nigeria. 

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