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The Nigeria police needs our prayers, see how they risk their life daily to keep us safe

No human in this world can stand up and say I am perfect. None. Despite the fact that we know that we are not perfect, we still want others to be perfect. Many Nigerians have a bad image about the Nigeria police due to what the few bad eggs have done to the force. Their is no organisation without few bad eggs. But what matters is that majority of the people in an organisation are great, and measures are put in place to checkmate and correct those that are not conforming to the laid down rules. 

The police work is one of the toughest job across the world that gets less than it deserve. We sing praises of Doctors and other profession forgetting the people that risk their life's on a daily basis to ensure that everyone regardless of your status, profession is safe. 

These police men have family, but for the love of the country, they sometimes stay out in the night leaving their families when they needed them the most to protect us while we are sleeping. 

Many police men have died doing their job, which is to protect us. Recently 3 police men chasing weed smokers drowned in Oyo state. 

We need to appreciate them the more and pray for them that they will like our fathers return home safe to their families each day.

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