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Tolulope Arotile: A Source Of Motivation While Alive And Even After Death

No living being has control over death, including those who consider themselves as powerful. The prayer we all say is to live long and fulfill purpose because that's the most important thing that can happen to man.

It is no longer news that Tolulope Arotile, the first female combat helicopter pilot in Nigeria gave up the ghost on the 14th of July 2020. She was born on 15th, October, 1995.

The 24-Year-Old lady was reported to have sustained a head injury after being hit by a car driven by her over excited friend. It was later confirmed by the Nigeria Air force Chairman that, the late Tolulope's friend had no intention of hitting her but was overjoyed and was trying to reverse her car before the incident occurred.

Miss Arotile didn't live long, but she was a source of motivation while alive and will continue to be even after death.

The first reason is because she fulfilled her purpose. No one would have predicted she would die at a very tender age. Although, she is dead, her memory will never be erased , especially in the history of Nigeria because her impact will forever be remembered.

Secondly, she broke the jinx of females not being able to take specific positions because it is considered as men's place. The deceased was the first female to become a combat helicopter pilot in Nigeria. It's an admirable achievement and will also enable more women to perform activities which are considered or delegated for men alone. Parents would be encouraged to train their girl child and to change the stereotypical mentality of the kitchen as a woman's place.

Lastly, everyone who hears the story of this young lady will try to achieve whatever they can right now because tomorrow might be late. The deceased life achievements can be perceived as huge, especially when her age and the Society we live in is considered. This will be a source of motivation to many people in the sense that, time waits for no man. There is no law that says it is until one is 30 years or more before they can make history. The time to act is now because no one knows what the future holds.

I pray God grants the family of Tolulope Arotile the fortitude to bear the loss. She will forever be remembered.

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